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Wibree:The Bluetooh Killing Technology Wibree is a wireless technology for mobiles,laptops,watches for short distance communication.Its development was started by nokia in 2001 to bring an alternative to bluetooth technology.The research was by published in 2004 with the name “Bluetooth Low End Extension” .It was publicaly released in 2006 by nokia.The main purpose for introducing wibree […]

Lost Door is a backdoor trojan horse family of more than 10 variants which can infect Windows operating systems from 95 to XP. It was created by OussamiO and built using Visual Basic. It uses the typi

What is LanManager Hash?Example: Lets say your password is: ‘123456qwerty’ When this password is encrypted with LM algorithm, it is first converted to all uppercase: ‘123456QWERTY’ The password is padded with null (blank) characters to make it 14 character length: ‘123456QWERTY_’ Before encrypting this password, 14 character string is split into half: ‘123456Q and WERTY_’ […]
250 ebook and magazine link for free download about new updates in computer fields and science New Updates: [all about Cisco] [CCIE books] [CCIP books] [CCSP books] [CISCO IP telephony] [MPLS books] [QOS books] [many simulations] […]
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