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List of Trojan House Virus Ports TCP 1 Breach.2001, SocketsDeTroie.230, SocketsDeTroie.250 TCP 28 Amanda.200 TCP 31 MastersParadise.920 TCP 68 Subseven.100 TCP 142 NetTaxi.180 TCP 146 Infector.141, Intruder.100, Intruder.100 TCP 171 ATro jan.200 TCP 285 WCTrojan.100 TCP 286 WCTrojan.100 TCP 334 Backage.310 TCP 370 NeuroticKat.120, NeuroticKat.130 TCP 413 Coma.109 TCP 420 Breach.450 TCP 555 Id2001.100, PhaseZero.100, […]
Adwares are the advertisements that popup in your computer screen in .These are different from viruses and malwares becuase most of the times it is installed with the user’s consent.If an adware is installed on your computer it will provide monetary gains to the publisher moreover these adware can automatically install keyloggers or other harmful […]
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